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Leaves The Post-Production Business

After 9 enjoyable, but unprofitable, years in the post-production business a.Zebra is no longer offering post-production services. This was not an easy decision. a.Zebra's post-production customers were the greatest! As owner and manager I personally loved working in the post-production business. I loved delivering the highest quality digital editing services in the San Francisco Bay Area market.

.Zebra needed about twice as much business in order to remain viable. Many different ways were tried to attain more business. When we achieved success by adding a new client or two, a few others would decide to move their out of house services in house. They would say "we're not leaving because or your service, we just need to keep up with the industry trend of finishing our video in house."

And so it came down to: "How do you succeed in a business where the fundamental paradigms are changing at such a rapid rate?" The tools become obsolete before one's high dollar investment can be fully amortized.

What's next is I have returned to my roots as a computer programmer. I took a full time job at Cisco System, Inc. on February 1, 1999. I'm working on a project to improve the reliability of Cisco's software to 99.99999% availability. This translates into less that 3 seconds a year down time for both hardware and software defects. This is the ideal job for my zero defects attitude.

.Zebra remains in the web hosting services business offering high quality commercial web site hosting. Check out our Web Hosting Services page for more information.

Finally, check out our List of Equipment For Sale page to grab some real bargains on pre-owned high end post-production equipment. This page will be updated frequently to reflect actual items left in inventory.

Clyde Wildes
Owner and Manager
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